Monday, November 19, 2012

Pleasantly Surprised

So here's a progress pic.  It's not a before and after, because I haven't reached my after yet.  But it's just a little something for the ride along the way. 

I wore this shirt last week for the first time in a while and I knew that it fit differently on me.  Better.  I KNEW I had taken a pic in it at a baby shower in July, but could NOT find the pic (it's on my camera that I let my dad borrow). But last night, I went to my cousin's house and she had a copy of the pic and she emailed it to me. 

I was amazed when I put the two pictures side by side.  Now, I've been busting my ass, making better choices, running like a crazy person, 30 Day Shred, some of Ripped in 30.  I'm weighing every week and taking measurements.  I see a .4 loss here and a .8 loss there.  I see 1/4 inch down here and 1/2 inch down there.  I guess because it happens slowly over time, I haven't seen the BIG results that I've been wanting to see. 

Now, I've noticed my clothes fitting better and people starting to make comments about me looking smaller, but honestly I thought there comments were just because I talk obsessively about eating healthy and working out, so anyone that knows me knows this is something I'm working towards.  I thought they were just being encouraging and supportive. 

Then, I put the pictures side by side.  Wow!  What motivation!  I know I've got a long ways to go still, but I'm sharing to show you that just because we don't see the little changes each day, each week, each month, they do add up.  Even though the scale may go the wrong way one day, or one week, we're still making progress.  If you're exercising and eating right, you're moving in the right direction and you WILL see results!  Take pictures and measurements along with weighing in, because sometimes you see your results in those places.  I'm so glad I had these two pictures to compare!  It's given me the extra push that I've been needing lately to keep on keeping on. 

Now, go sweat!

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