Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I'm terrified!

Some days I have nothing to write about.  Other days, I want to write 5 different posts to get everything out.  Today, I feel like I could write about a lot of different things, but I’ll stick to this one. 

First things first, though… we did the Color Me Rad 5k this weekend and it was AWESOME!!!  Look for a recap soon.


Second, Shannon, hubs and I signed up for the Warrior Dash on June 1!!!  Eek!!! Here are Shannon’s thoughts on it:


And while she’s terrified about that… here’s what I’m excited and terrified about:


Yep, that’s our half marathon we’re running in.  On April 28!!!  And yesterday was the first day of April!  So yeah, I’m having a minor major freak out about it! I don’t know why.  Well, yes, I do.  I’ve been training.  Some.  But not enough.  I’ve ran my farthest of 8 miles, but that was a few weeks ago.  My training hasn’t been consistent enough.  Yesterday I ran 2 with the hubs, just to get a few miles in.  He hasn’t ran in a while, so he wanted to do a short, easy distance.  2 miles, sure!  Easy enough.  Wrong!  I struggled with my pace and my shins killed me after 1 mile.  So I know I’ve got a lot of work to do in, now, 26 days.  I can do this though.  I’ve just got to get my head right.  I’ve got to get determined.  I’ve got to stick with it.  No excuses.  If it’s too cold, the treadmill will be my frienemy BFF.  I promise, I will quit calling her the dreadmill.   At least to her face.  I’m also worried about what I’m going to wear… hey, it was right for me to sign up for a Diva run!  But seriously, it’s at the beach, at the end of April.  I usually wear capris.  My thighs rub together.  But what if I get hot?  I don’t run in shorts. You see how my thought process goes?!  And that’s just about my clothes!  Then where am I going to put everything?!  I’ll have my phone and/or ipod (we’ll get to that in a second) and I need my shot blocks!  Speaking of my phone… I don’t think the battery will last.  Do I carry the ipod for my music?  What about timing my run with my Nike app?  I don’t want to lose my freaking half marathon miles from my Nike run log.  Aghh!!!

As you can see, I’m stressing over things that I shouldn’t even worry about, and about things that are probably a little more important.  But, I’m just going to breathe… and run!  Any advice any half runners want to give is more than welcome.  Until next time, I’m working towards that 13.1 sticker!


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