Thursday, March 28, 2013

So What Weds...err... Thursday?!

Okay, so I had a blog post of my own to add today, in addition to the vlog linkup.  I know, two in one day?!  Get outta town!  But that didn't happen (you'll see why), so I decided to do Shannon's So What! Wednesday linkup.  So what!?

So What Wednesday  
So WHAT if...
  • I had a blog post about my Crossfire recap typed up on my work computer in a word document and forgot to save it to my drafts to post tonight once I got home
  • Today is Thursday and I'm doing So What Wednesday... see above
  • I got $41.08 in gas today?!  The pump wouldn't stop on an even number after several attemps, and... Ain't nobody got time fo dat!
  •  My muscles are sore... that's a good thing, right?  Bring on the workouts
  • Today is Thursday, because I'm OFF tomorrow!!!
  • Hubby is working nights this week and next... Next week is his LAST WEEK on second shift!  Yay for him and his new job!!!
  • If my washing machine is loud enough to wake the dead?!  At least the clothes are getting washed!
  • My scale isn't moving- my clothes are fitting better and I got a ton of compliments tonight
  • My face was shiny and oily today- I'm getting new makeup tomorrow!!!  Holla!
  • We're running the Color Me Rad 5k on Saturday... wait!  That's a pretty big deal!

1 comment:

  1. Congrats to your hubby and his new job!
    Did you get any recommendations on the make up? I don't have oily skin so I couldn't recommend anything.
    The 5k running is a HUGE deal. Good Luck!!!