Friday, October 19, 2012

Here We Go

So, I blogged years ago about my weight loss journey.  But it was really me trying to get skinny for my wedding.  Wedding happened, I quit working out, gained the weight back.  Then 2 years later, I started again.  Working out and blogging.  Well, I posted once, but continued to work out.  Reached so many of my goals!  Then life happened.  Got a new job, stopped working out and making good food choices.  And here I am again. 

I'm back at it, hitting it hard.  I have a great group of supporters and motivators that I found online.  I also have a wonderful group of friends that are doing it with me this time.  2 of them have been there through the whole journey, shout out to Debbie and Shannon! :)  We have a facebook group to keep in touch with each other, share about our workouts, our struggles, our successes.  We try to build each other up and motivate each other.  So, this morning I wrote out a long description of my struggle to work out last night.  My friend, Jessica, read it and told me to start blogging again.  So here it is. 

I'm in round 3 of this damn journey and this time there will NOT be a round 4.  I have come to realize that I will ALWAYS struggle with my weight.  I have to REALLY work, even just for maintenance.  But I will not quit this time.  No matter what!  It is too important to me. 

I'm going to post what I wrote to my friends next, but I just wanted this to serve as a brief introduction to me, my blog and my journey.  There will be plenty more about me to come soon enough!  I hope you enjoy and appreciate any and all comments!